Zomato buys food donation startup Feeding India for some good karma

Zomato has announced the complete acquisition of Feeding India – a startup that aims to solve food wastage and end hunger in India.

The foodtech unicorn has been working with the not-for-profit for over 6 months now.

While Feeding India will continue to be a not-for-profit, Zomato will fund the salaries of all the employees.

Indian foodtech unicorn Zomato has acquired Feeding India, a not-for-profit startup, that helps in solving India’s food wastage problem.

Zomato has been working with Feeding India for over 6 months and now, the not-for-profit’s team has officially been integrated with the foodtech giant, according to the company’s official blog.

Through Feeding India, donors can make a request for food donation, and the startup’s volunteers called Hungry Heroes reach the spot to check and collect the food. They then subsequently deliver the food at a previously identified ‘Feeding India Hunger Spot’ – where the food is given to the needy.

According to Zomato, since their work together began 6 months ago, Feeding India’s number of monthly meals has gone from 78,300 in December 2018 to over 1.1 million meals a month now, while also scaling up its operations from 65 to 82 and adding 13,000 volunteers to have a total of 21,500 volunteers now.

Feeding India was founded by Ankit Kawatra four years ago, who at 22 had quit his job to start the not-for-profit.

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