Zayn Malik tweets about Dil Diyan Gallan from Salman’s Tiger Zinda Hai

Zayn Malik is one of the singers that everyone loves to be in love with him across the world. He is equally popular in India with girls going gaga over him. These days, the British singer is often seen tweeting about his cover for certain Indian songs and everyone loves them. But a few days back, he tweeted something that left us wondering, is that his next cover. If you are a fan of his, you must have heard his Teri Deewani cover rendition. Well, the next on his list could be Dil Diyan Gallan. Or why else will he tweet about it?

Yes, in a surprise tweet, Zyan wrote, “dil diyan gallan” tune.’ Of course, he must have heard this Atif Aslam track from Tiger Zinda Hai and loved it so much that he tweeted about it. But the hopefuls that we are, we have happily assumed that the next cover that Zayn will sing is this track from Salman Khan’s film. Well, that would be simply amazing! Check out his tweet here…

Interestingly, Zayn is a fan of Shah Rukh Khan. He has even made Gigi Hadid watch Devdas because he loves that film. Zayn in his interview with the magazine revealed, “I personally wasn’t a huge fan until I met him. I realised how humble he is. Really showed a different side to him. He always came across as slightly arrogant in the movies to me, but when I met him in real life, he was so nice. He just completely changed my opinion of him.” SRK acknowledged this comment of Malik’s and wrote on Twitter, “He is extremely sweet. Made me a huge hit with my kids by doing a pic with me.”

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