Yediyurappa asserts 17 MLAs who crossed over are ‘my own’



Although other party leaders are trying to convince Yediyurappa to agree to make some of the legislators who resigned their assembly seats and then won the bypoll the state by fighting as BJP candidates as ministers and leave aside some of the vacant seats in the ministry to party loyalists, Yediyurappa has been sticking to his stand that he cannot budge for fulfilling the promises he had made to give ministerial berths to all the 17 legislators. At a time when there is a feeling that party loyalists are getting step motherly treatment, Yediyurappa went ahead and referred to them as ‘my own 17’. This is thought to be another salvo from Yediyurappa’s armour, which is meant to make it clear to the leaders that the newcomers into the party cannot be treated as outsiders. Some have wondered whether Yediyurappa is trying to convey the message that the BJP legislators who have been with him since the assembly election was held are not his men. These techniques and plans are being executed by people hell bent on becoming a member of the state ministry.

BJP leaders are involved with the game of subduing one another and brightening their own chances. Yediyurappa has been steadfastly saying that he cannot move an inch from the promise he made to the MLAs who were previously disqualified and then fought the bypoll under the BJP symbol. It is said that Yediyurappa’s ‘my men’ phrase is aimed at convincing the high command about his unflinching stand on the issue.

Yediyurappa is said to have told a leader from the part high command close to him that he is not bothered by what decision the party takes about the current ministers and he will not object about any decision the party might take about them. But he said he is not prepared to let go of his 17 men who saw that BJP formed the government in the state. “Once these 17 are accommodated, I do not care what you do about others,” he is said to have told the leader.

It is said that Yediyurappa’s firm stand on these 17 legislators might come up for discussions during talks with Amit Shah. Yediyurappa, it is said, has also planned to affirm the above stand which he had made clear with a leader close to him, officially too in the presence of the national president of the party. But there is no clarity whether the high command has any plans in its kitty to counter this demand of Yediyurappa. Yediyurappa seems to be clear in his mind about what he wants. Now people are waiting with interest what decision the BJP high command will take and whether it will yield under pressure from Karnataka chief minister.

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