Writing letters is therapeutic, which is now a lost art

By Nehal Jain

With technology at our fingertips, handwriting letters and sending them is now a lost art.

Advancements in technology have molded connections across our globe that tie us closer together than ever before, reforming what it means to communicate.

We can converse with each other at the push of a button.  However, while these advancements have doubtlessly in several ways have improved our lives, they’ve also overshadowed what I believe is an extremely important form of an art that is handwritten letters.

The replacement of these by instant messaging is tremendous and letter writing has lost its resemblance. But there is something really special about getting something that is handwritten just for you. Writing letters maybe of different genre like love, formal and informal, birthday, good wishes letters and so on.

I like writing letters to my friend, who stays miles away from me. Through technology we can text, video call and speak over call but writing a letter to her and then waiting for the reply is a whole different feeling and is completely fun.

I feel there’s nothing that I have to hide as she’s the only one who’s reading it and it cannot be a part of something dark  and also because words flows out of my pens faster than my fingertips. Writing a letter is simple as we can hide the erased mistakes and doodle out words messed up on.

Writing letters earlier was simple but now with the invasion of technology this technique is dying and thus needs to be revived.

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