Wish Donald Trump had been better President: Hillary Clinton


Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Wednesday (local time) attacked President Donald Trump, saying he was ill-equipped to be the president and asserted that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris can “pull our nation back from the brink”.
Delivering her remarks at the Democratic National Convention, Clinton, who was the 2016 presidential candidate for the Democratic Party, said people should vote for Biden in huge numbers so that Trump “cannot sneak or steal his way to victory,” CNN reported.
“Do not forget: Joe and Kamala can win three million more votes and still lose. Take it from me. We need numbers so overwhelming Trump cannot sneak or steal his way to victory,” she was quoted as saying.
“For four years, people have said to me, ‘I did not realise how dangerous he was. I wish I could go back and do it over.’ Or worst, ‘I should have voted.’ Look, this cannot be another woulda coulda shoulda election,” she said.
After Clinton conceded her defeat in the 2016 presidential election, she said that Democrats gave Trump the chance to prove he could grow in the presidency.
“I wish Donald Trump had been a better president. Because America needs a better president than this,” the former US Secretary of State said.
Clinton said that America needs a president who “shows the same compassion, determination, and leadership in the White House that we see in our communities”.
She asserted that Harris would face the same “slings and arrows” she did as a woman running, but that the latter “can handle them all,” CNN reported.
“This is the team to pull our nation back from the brink,” she remarked.
“Throughout this crisis, Americans have kept going — checking on neighbours, showing up to jobs at grocery stores and nursing homes. Because it still takes a village. We need leaders equal to this moment. We need Joe Biden and Kamala Harris,” Clinton said.
She further said, “This is the team to pull our nation back from the brink and build back better. But they cannot do it without all of us.”

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