‘Will return to India in 24 hrs’: Mansoor Khan in new video

“I will be coming to India in 24 hours, on my will. I have full faith in the Indian judiciary,” said IMA Jewels Founder and Managing Director Mansoor Khan.

Mansoor Khan published another video more than a month after he was absconding. He has asserted this moment that in the next 24 hours he will return to India. It will have severe repercussions if indeed the guy accused of swindling thousands and has profound political links returns to the state at the moment of the political crisis.

Mansoor is the prime accused in the multi-crore’ halal ‘ ponzi scam in which he was accused of cheating 40,000 Rs 2,000 crore investors. The video that was released on the Youtube channel of the IMA on Monday is being commonly distributed on WhatsApp and other channels of social media.

Mansoor asserted in the seven-minute video that the cash of the shareholders could be recovered by selling the company’s property. He also stated he was returning for investors ‘ sake and encouraged investors to “maintain their abusses and violence on their own.”

“I tried to go back to Bengaluru. Due to my cardiac and diabetic condition, I was unwell and was in bed rest for a month. Today, as my palpitation is under control, I can create this video. But I pledged I would come back as quickly as possible. I have diabetes and heart blockage as well. As I have three blocks in my heart, I have to undergo an immediate operation and I don’t have enough cash. Since I couldn’t afford adequate therapy, in 24 hours, on my will, I will be coming to India. I have complete faith in the Indian justice system, “he said in the video.

In the name of I Monetary Advisory (IMA), Mansoor was accused of operating a Ponzi system–where cash is moved from fresh investors to elderly investors. When the scam surfaced, he escaped India around June 13, and researchers think he’s hiding in Dubai.

Like the past video, Mansoor claims to have been under a lot of pressure from politicians and anti-social aspects while admitting to escaping the nation. “Where my family is, I don’t understand. I don’t have a source to contact them, “he said.

He also said he has a “list” of how to return the cash of the investors.

“I’ll offer the department the records. We can return the cash to many customers if we liquidate the property. I’m coming to all the investors there… Please trust me, “he said, adding that for the flight tickets he has already arranged.

Meanwhile, Special Investigation Team (SIT) sources, which is testing the scam, said they’ve been tracking the motions of Mansoor Khan over the past few days. “We can’t disclose the action plan yet. Once he’s apprehended, we’ll be able to provide more data,” a SIT source told TNM.

SIT has detained 19 individuals to date, including IAS officer and former Bengaluru Urban Deputy Commissioner Vijay Shankar (IAS), Revenue Department Assistant Commissioner LC Nagaraj, BDA Executive Engineer Kumar, municipal corporator Syed Mujahid, one religious preacher and Manjunath Village Accountant. Others include IMA’s 12 directors.

By the way, a SIT summon was skipped by Congress rebel MLA Roshan Baig, who was named in his first video by Mansoor Khan. Roshan Baig has lately quit as MLA and is one of the anti-Congress rebellious MLAs.

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