Will ensure trees are not cut at Cubbon park : KRDCL senior official

A senior official from the Karnataka Road Development Corporation Limited (KRDCL) said that care has been taken not to touch the trees at Cubbon Park. “Some trees along the median on Queen’s Road will be axed, while some may only be trimmed. In all, 900 trees will be affected for the entire elevated corridor,” he said. To avoid axing of trees, a double decker (two layers) flyover has been planned from Misnsk Square to Cubbon Road. The first layer of the road will be at a height of 9 metres, while another will be at 8.5 metres from the first layer of the road. “Environment Impact Assessment has been obtained already for the project. Shortly, an e-mail ID will be put out for the public to provide their suggestions and feedback on the project. Valuable feedback will be incorporated,” the official said.

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