Volvo buses give service outskirts

The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) is suffering from the loss of Volvo buses. Thus, it is decided to ‘drive’ these buses to the outskirts of the city.

BMTC has been highlighting the loss of the air-conditioned Volvo buses launched for software employees and rich people. BMTC has 852 Volvo buses and operates Kempegowda Airport, ITPL, Outer Round Road and Electronic City route. All other routes, except the Kempegowda Airport route, do not generate revenue.
Volvo buses make Rs 80 crore a year There was a loss of 82 crore last year.  Regular buses offer mileage of 3.50 to 4 km per liter of diesel. However, AC buses offer only 2 km mileage. Volvo buses are priced at Rs 66 per km. They are bringing in revenue. However, the cost of operating these buses is more. Effect, which is Rs 16 per km.  Therefore, KSRTC is contemplating to embrace the Volvo buses of BMTC.
Speaking to reporters after attending the preliminary ceremony of the India International Bus and Car Travel Show ‘Pravas-2019’ held at a private hotel in the city on Wednesday, Transport Minister DC Thammanna said: The buses are thought to be operating in the outskirts of the city to save them from the loss. An official decision will be taken after the submission of a report by a panel of experts,”he said.
” Looking for solutions to escape the loss from Volvo. Low mileage, operating costs and cost of spare parts are causing the loss, ”said BMTC Managing Director Dr. MV Prasad said.

Spare parts for Volvo buses are very expensive. Spare parts are being purchased by Volvo. Thus, the spare parts are being bought at the rate set by the company. The problem is that the vehicle is designed so that the other company’s accessories are incompatible.
“Volvo buses offer very low mileage. They offer a mileage of just over 2 km per liter of diesel. The average cost of oil savers for buses is Rs 20-30 thousand, while Volvo buses cost Rs 1.50 lakh. Is costing. Radiators cost Rs 1.50 lakh 2 lakh to Rs. Radiators for ordinary buses only get 30-40 thousand,” said a BMTC mechanic.

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