Vikasa Soudha construction, corruption proved.


In a major embarrassment to the state government, a Lokayukta inquiry has proved the allegations that substandard boulders (stones) were used for the construction of Vikasa Soudha. The Lokayukta recommended the state government to withhold promotion- salary increment of 14 engineers responsible for the same. The Vikasa Soudha was built in the year 2004 when SM Krishna was the Chief Minister, but the building developed cracks and started leaking within 15 years of its construction. The Lokayukta carried out an investigation in this regard.

According to the report, instead of quality boulders (stone) mentioned in the contract, the engineers allowed the contractor to use the floor standard stones. The result is evident. According to the report, government engineers also released an excess amount to the contractors by creating false documents and adjusting the costs. “As the government didn’t provide all the documents, it is not able to come to a final conclusion on the total loss,” stated in the report. The Lokayukta has directed the state government to submit an action taken the report in the next three months. “This report will make the government and the system a laughing stock,” said a senior officer who wished to be unnamed.

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