Venkaiah Naidu expresses agony over terror attack in Sri Lanka


Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu expressed anxiety over Sunday’s terrorist attack on churches and hotels in Sri Lanka and called for a comprehensive UN-mandated Convention on International Terrorism.

“The continued terror attacks in various parts of the world is highly condemnable and called upon international agencies such as the United Nations to conclude deliberations on the Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism, put forth by India to criminalise all forms of international terrorism and deny terrorists, their financiers and supporters access to funds, arms and safe havens”, he said.

The Vice President urged the world community to take concerted action to remove the terrorist scourge from the face of the earth.

Addressing Monday’s 54th Annual Convocation of the University of Bangalore, Naidu said it was high time the world took concerted action to address the inhuman threat of terror by alienating those who help and foster terrorism as a state policy. “Mere condemnation and compensation will not suffice. We have to contain and root out terror in all its forms by going to the root cause”, he added.

Pointing out that thousands of innocent people were killed worldwide and still the world community, the Vice President said that progress would have no meaning without achieving peace. Expressing anguish over the barbaric terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka that claimed the lives of several innocent people, he said that in this hour of distress India stands in solidarity with the government of Sri Lanka and its people.

The Vice President noted that higher education has to transcend caste, creed, religion, and gender barriers. He pointed out that, with regard to higher education, the principles of social equity and gender parity were of primary concern. The need for the hour was to provide quality education in line with global standards, he added. Recalling the gathering on India’s illustrious heritage, Naidu said India had to resurrect the glory of the bygone era and take up knowledge production and dissemination on a wide scale through initiatives such as the digitization of higher education through the expansion of online courses, massive online courses (MOOC) and distance education. He called on higher educational institutions to promote multi-specialized interactive academic programs and facilitate discipline convergence. ‘The system of Higher education must prepare the youth to be competent enough to serve the current techno-capitalist world system and its knowledge economy’.

Observing that a knowledge-based development paradigm would enable India to leverage its tremendous demographic advantage, the Vice President stressed that greater emphasis must be placed on skill-based education by incorporating a three-pronged’ skill, reskill and unskill’ strategy as well as ‘learn, relearn and unlearn.’ The Vice President said there was a need to revamp and reform our higher education system not only to make the global learning centers of our institutions, but also to ensure that the students on the job front were able to meet challenges. Expressing his concern that the Gross Enrollment Ratio in Higher Education in India was only 27% compared to the USA and China, with 85.8% and 43.4% respectively, he called for measures to improve the Gross Enrollment Ratio. Karnataka Governor and Bangalore University Chancellor Vajubhai Vala, Bangalore University Vice Chancellor, Professor KR Venugopal, Bangalore University Registrar, Professor BK Ravi, Bangalore University Registrar (Evaluation), Professor C Shivaraju, Honorary Degree Awardees, Syndicate Members, Academic Council, Invited Dignitaries, Faculty and Honorary Degree.

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