Vegetable prices rise as poll code keeps traders away

The prices rose steadily as the summer set in. Beans, carrot and tomato became especially pricier. Bengaluru gets the vegetables from the villages of Kolar, Malur, Devanahalli, Magadi and Hosur.

Ramesh Chandra Lahoti, Chairman, APMC committee, Federation of Karnataka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FKCCI), said supplies to markets were not affected much but fewer retailers were ready to take the vegetables to the last mile.

“They are scared of carrying cash during the model code of conduct. This is also true of those coming to the market from Jayanagar,” he said. “Once the cash is seized, there is no guarantee that the traders will get it back as they cannot bring documents to support their claim. This has resulted in a shortage in local markets.”

In the wholesale market, the prices of beans and carrot have crossed Rs 100 and Rs 60, respectively. Traders expect the price to rise further if the weather remains the same.

In the wholesale market at Kalasipalyam, the price of beans varies between Rs 100 and Rs 140 per kilogram depending on the quality. Double beans cost Rs 150 per kg. In the retail market, they are being sold for Rs 200-250. In some places, the price has even touched Rs 300. If carrot costs Rs 60/kg in the wholesale market, the retail price is Rs 80-100. In the first week of April, both the vegetables cost about Rs 40 in the wholesale market.

The rates of other vegetables have varied between Rs 5 and Rs 10 in the past few days. But this wasn’t so earlier this month. Almost all vegetables had cost less than Rs 50 per kg in the wholesale market.

A wholesale dealer of beans and ladies finger in Kalasipalyam, said the supply had been severely hit in the past two days, shooting up the demand. “Owing to the election, suppliers have not turned up at the market for the past two days. We are a little worried about the supply of beans, which will cost Rs 200 per kg in the wholesale market itself by the next week,” he added.

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