UTK urges centre to file review petition on reservations


MLA U T Khader said, “With regard to the Supreme Court’s (SC) verdict on promotions and appointment based on reservation to SC and ST, the union government needs to discuss the issue seriously and file review petition or promulgate an ordinance to serve the interests of the affected people.

Addressing the media here on Thursday, U T Khader said, What is the commitment of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and central government with regard to the quota issue? On the other hand PM Modi speaks about Dr B R Ambedkar, but his cabinet members and MP’s deliver statement against the constitution. BJP leaders talk of changing the constitution, burning the Constitution, etc. But so far Prime Minister and the BJP have not taken any action against the leaders who issued such statements,” he rued.

He also said, “Today due to the hike in LPG price, common man has been effected badly. There is no employment. Delhi election has shown that there is no scope for sensitive matters and laws as only a few people stand in favour of such laws. Prior to Delhi elections there were no speeches about development, it is only about abrogation of article 370, Ram Mandir, Babri Masjid, NRC and CAA,” he pointed out.

Regarding the attempt-to-rape female madrasa students case, U T Khader said, “District administration and police department need to take the issue seriously and take stringent action against the culprits. Whenever such incidents occur, make sure that strict action is initiated against the culprits irrespective of religion and caste. I am ready to give Rs 25 lac towards MLA’s fund to the police department for undertaking safety measures in the constituency. We need to appreciate the locals to act in the issue immediately and also need to appreciate the courage shown by a girl who bit the hand of a man and fled into madrasa to inform the teacher,” he stated.

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