UTK opposes new motor vehicles Act, demands postponement of its implementation


MLA U T Khader said, “State government needs to bring a stay on the new Motor Vehicle Act for 6 months and frame new rules into the Act.”

Addressing media here on Tuesday, September 10, Khader said,” Since the enforcement of new Motor Vehicle Act, it is creating lot of trouble and harassment to the common man. Paying hefty fines is not a right solution to bring discipline in traffic. Government is treating the citizens as their enemy by introducing hefty fines. When economic condition is pathetic, how can we expect a common man to pay hefty penalties? Before coming into power, government claimed to have war with Pakistan to stop terrorism. But now by bringing in such laws, government has called for a war with their own citizens.”

He also said, “The law states that if a minor is caught riding/driving, he will be fined Rs 25,000 and three years jail for his parents. At least there should be some awareness about this rule. If a person pays Rs 25,000, he will look into ways into recovering Rs 25,000. There is possibility that this will lead to more crimes and facilitate corruption.”

He further said, “Central government needs to re-think the Act and state government should bring stay on the Act for 6 months and re-frame the rules. As Central government is framing the Act, state government needs to frame the rules to be included in the Act. We need to appreciate Goa chief minister for his move with regard to implementing the Act in Goa.”

“I want to ask the department, what were the issues when the penalty was just Rs 100? Why did the department not show much interest while collecting low fines? Today a lot of interest in shown to collect hefty fines,” said Khader.

With regard to Sanjeev Matandoor’s statement, U T Khader said,” When an official is working with sincerity, he should be encouraged. Instead, the statements delivered by Ananth Kumar Hegde, Umanath Kotian and Sanjeev Matandoor against former deputy commissioner are shocking. They have termed him as naxalite and anti-national. Deputy commissioner Sasikanth Senthil has put forth his opinion behind his resignation. MLA’s are proving deputy commissioner’s opinion is valid by delivering such statements.”

With regard to Nalin’s statement on Siddaramaiah behind DK Shivakumar’s arrest, Khader said,” Being in responsible position, this is cheap politics. People from other districts term Nalin as joker. It is shameful that a person of our district is called a joker in other districts.”

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