Unknown But Beautiful Places Around The world

The Haiku Stairs in Oahu, Hawaii

The Haiku Stairs in Oahu, Hawaii is very fascinating and fully exciting for the hikers as these stairs have a steep trail and a wooden ladder spiked side-by-side of a cliff. Though it is not open for public some people seem to disobey the rules. People often refer to this place as “The Stairway to Heaven”.

Crooked Forest, Western Poland

Crooked forest of Western Poland is home to about 400 pine trees each of which are inclined at 90° with respect to the base and are straight up again at the top. The trees create a spectacular view in the forest which most visitors don’t forget to admire.


Hot Spring of Rotorua, New Zealand

Hot spring of New Zealand is magnificent as it creates a mesmerizing beauty within its vicinity. The country, New Zealand, is also known as country of geysers and thermal springs. The seventeen large lakes of the country are the actual source of hot springs.


Deep water coral reef, Norway

The world’s largest deep water coral reef in the Lofoten Island is an amazing creation of the nature. It is a habitat for aquatic life like puffins, moose, otters and more. The coral reef is one of the best places to see before you die.


Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan

Hitachi Seaside Park is one of the very few parks in the world with area of over 470 acres. This park is full of very lovely flowers, ever green trees and eye-catching scenarios. The flowers and fragrances of the park give a unique sense of relaxation and pleasure to the visitors. If you love flowers, trees and peaceful environment, don’t miss out Hitachi Seaside Park of Japan.

Aescher Hotel, Switzerland

Aescher hotel lies at the very top of Appenzellerland Mountains in Switzerland. Mainstream culture to visit a hotel is for food and accommodation but this hotel seems to disobey the rules. People visit this hotel to see the adventure from the heights. The hotel is so high in the mountain that travelers have to take a cable car ride or hike for hours.

Tianzi Mountain, China

The most charming view of the “stone towers” covered with thick clouds can be perceived from Tianzi Mountain of China. Only a handful of people visit this place every year because it is very difficult and risky to climb. But the place is worth the risk and difficulty.


Jericoacoara, Brazil

The Jericoacoara beach of Brazil is one of the most amazing places on the Earth. Stunning lagoons, calm waters and white sand of the beach are the major parts of attraction. Every year many tourists come to take sunbath in the Jericoacoara beach.



Huacachina is a small town that lies in the Ica region of Peru. If you want to try dune buggy ride and sand boarding, this is the place to visit. The town is basically an oasis in the Peruvian desert. The place features very large sand-dunes and small lakes.


Glaciers of Svalbard

Glaciers of the Svalbard are situated between North Pole and Norway. Watching magnificent aquatic creatures including whales, fishing and boating are the best things that you’d love doing here. Besides that, getting along with villagers and observing polar bears and rein deer can be really exciting.


Burning Crater in Derweze

This place in Derweze, Turkmenistan was created unknowingly from burning of a crater in 1971. This happened when the Soviet geologists were drilling for natural gases. This place is often called “the door to hell”. This place is very unique and fascinating rather than frightening.

Hallstatt, Austria

Hallstatt is one of the best places to visit in the world. It is a medieval village in Austria which lies in the foot of high mountains of Hallstatt. One of the very first underground mines was dug in this place. So, if you want to see mountains, mines, village and snow, this is the place to visit.


Mount Ai-Petry

Ai-Petry mountain is located in Crimea, Ukraine at an height of 1234 meters. View from the hanging bridges is breathtaking.

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