‘Uncivilised’, ‘useless’, ‘spineless’: Siddaramaiah fires fresh salvos at Kateel


Launching a scathing attack on BJP state President Nalin Kumar Kateel, former chief minister Siddaramaiah said that the former is unfit to live in a civilised society and the BJP must drop him in the forest for the larger good.

Kateel has been commenting on the Congress leaders and reacting to this, Siddaramaiah said that senior BJP leaders like KS Eshwarappa have said that in the BJP, one has to sweep the party office for ten years to climb up the cadre.

“If that is the case, I would urge the BJP to keep Kateel for another ten years to sweep their office,” Siddaramaiah said, calling Kateel ‘spineless’.

“People wag their tongue because it has no bone, but in the case of Nalin Kumar Kateel, he is ‘spineless’ too. BJP leaders are criticising their own Chief Minister and the party chief does not have the spine to initiate action against such ministers and leaders,” he said.

Further, calling Kateel a ‘Pokari’ (useless), who was wandering on the streets on Mangaluru, Siddaramaiah taunted RSS leader Santhoshji and said that some one handpicked Kateel for their own ‘Santhosha’ (happiness) and made him the BJP state chief.

It is not a surprise if I say, Kateel has been brought not to build and fortify the party, but to dismantle BSY.

“The deal is to make sure that the BJP candidates lose the by-polls and then blame BSY for the defeat,” he said calling upon the BJP leaders to teach Kateel to mind his words.

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