UN General Assembly awards The Bangalore School, Whitefield the prestigious Global Green School award


Bengaluru: The Bangalore School, Excellence in Early childhood, Whitefield was the only school in Bengaluru and one of the two schools in India who got the global green school award for their exceptional initiative for sustainable development inculcating it right from early years. The award was given in New York City, U.S.A. in the Global green school conference in the climate week, New York. It’s an affiliated event of United Nations General Assembly and a prestigious one. Susan Bass, vice president of operations Earth day Network gave away the award.

In an age where awareness about environment is taking precedence over everything, The Bangalore School believes in starting this awareness almost at the very beginning, initiating tiny tots into the program. Given this conviction leading to active execution, an international award soon came calling, recognizing the school’s concerted efforts to address the environment.

The Bangalore school is an initiative for sustainable development started in June 2012 at Whitefield, Bengaluru. It is an early childhood center which strives to give the best preschool education to the students who enroll. The school aims to be the best early childhood school in the country within a period of ten years. One of the school’s main goals is to take its Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously. They believe they can make an impact helping children in need, if they possess the will to do so.

“The school believes in taking the environmental responsibility not only of teaching the children about the importance of sustainable development but of spreading the awareness among the neighboring community. The school started with 3 students and now, five years down, it has close to 140 students. The school firmly believes that the age between 2 and 5 is the right time to inculcate good habits in children and a set of strong moral values that include having a caring nature towards the environment,” says Ms. Usha Mohan, Founder, The Bangalore School.

The school firmly believes in the importance of keeping in mind the objective of preserving and improving the environment in all their endeavors. In their website, one of the primary focus areas is prominently displayed as Respect for Nature & Environment. They have recently started with a rain water harvesting facility.

“The curriculum that is taught to the children has a significant portion devoted to science of nature, what ails nature and what we should do in our own small ways to mitigate the same; it could be things like fighting pollution, saving water, nurturing and protecting animals and birds, making compost, growing vegetables in a garden etc, ” adds Ms. Usha Mohan.

The K1 and K2 classes understand the broad contours of the problems faced by the planet. They have been educated effectively on the tools and methods by which to conserve energy both at home and in the school. They believe that the children are nothing but our ambassadors who are going to provide a message for the future. All the teachers in the school are trained to teach the science of nature and environment to the children.

“The children learn how to make Organic manure, and how to segregate waste. They are taught what degradable waste is. The kitchen waste is collected and turned to manure through a process in de-compost pots. They are also taught to do away with plastic bags and make use of paper bags”, she explained.

The activities conducted by the school does not stop with the classroom, it extends to functions and events. They celebrated their annual day with the theme ‘Go Green, Save the Planet’. The entire function had activities that had this central theme embedded in it in every aspect. The occasion was graced by the presence of some educational professionals. Everyone who attended, including the parents of the children, were made to take a green pledge, ensuring the message permeated to one and all.

The school is faced with the unanimous concern that new emerging green technologies are deemed too expensive by a majority of businesses in today’s world. This is because the businesses are computing the cost and benefit in the conventional sense of evaluating the feasibility of a business project, without taking into consideration long term social gain. They believe that the cost of damage inflicted on nature is never taken into cognizance.

The school would like to take an initiative to start a Solar Polar System to take care of the power needs of the school. Also, they would like to make an impact on the environment of Whitefield and Bengaluru overall in promoting renewable energy, and bring to awareness the hidden cost of energy from fossil fuels.


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