U.S. VP Debate: Kamala Harris hailed for her masterful performance


Following the attacks and counterattacks by Democratic nominee Kamala Harris and Republican Vice President Mike Pence during the US Vice Presidential Debate, the former has been hailed by several people for giving a “masterful performance”.
US Congressman Ro Khanna said while Harris presented the real life concerns of American people, Pence did not talk on the actual sufferings.
Kamala Harris presented the real life concerns of Americans. The American people, I mean, Mike Pence. He, on the other hand, did not speak about the actual suffering of the people. Harris who brought up the fact that people have student loans, have trouble paying their rent. This is the real life of ordinary Americans,” he said.
Khanna further said as Pence has been in power for so long that “he doesn’t understand” and is “disconnected from what’s going on”.
“Besides COVID-19, people are anxious about the economy. In today’s debate, Kamala Harris made an incredibly strong economic argument,” he added.
Judy Chu, a US Congresswoman from California, said, “After decades of feeling so invisible and overlooked in this political process. The Asian American and Pacific Islander community has a voice, and they have a voice in this incredible candidate. Kamala Harris, the first ever Asian American and the first black woman, vice presidential nominee on a major party ticket.”
“As an Asian-American woman myself, it’s been so incredible to see commonly hear shatter, one of the highest glass ceilings, and to know that we can have an Asian American in the White House. Just think, instead of having someone blame Asian Americans for the coronavirus and use racial slurs like China plague in blue. We can have someone who embraces diversity in condemns anti Asian bigotry, instead of someone who accuses immigrants of being evil. We could have someone who acknowledges our contributions, instead of a failed coronavirus response, that’s left over 210,000 Americans dead, and millions unemployed. We could have someone who listens to health experts and listen to science,” she said.
Lauding Harris’ debate, she said the Democratic nominee did a “masterful job” as she was able to lay out the Biden-Harris plan.
“As someone who represents Queens, New York, which was the epicenter of the coronavirus during the month of March and April, we witnessed firsthand how Donald Trump and Mike Pence, who is the chair of the White House coronavirus Task Force, mishandled this pandemic and abandoned the American people,” said US Congresswoman Grace Meng.
She further said Pence could not protect over 200,000 Americans from the coronavirus and “he couldn’t even stop it from going into the White House itself”.
Mike Pence, never had a national plan for testing and tracing. As members of the Congress, we have been in multiple briefings with the federal administration but we never heard of a consistent unified testing strategy. Mike Pence basically plagiarised Joe Biden and Kamala Harris‘s national testing strategy,” she added.
For Harris’ “masterful performance”, Neha Dewan, National Director of South Asians for Biden, said, “South Asians for Biden applauds Senator Kamala Harris for her masterful performance at the Vice Presidential Debate…Senator Harris provided a devastating rundown of the Trump-Pence administration’s ineptitude in handling the coronavirus, the economy, including with respect to trade wars, and on issues related to foreign policy.”
South Asians for Biden Communications Co-Chair Deepa Sharma said, “Senator Harris exuded confidence, while Vice President Pence appeared evasive throughout the entire night. This only served to underscore Senator Harris’s point that this administration, time and again, fails to tell the truth to the American people.”
Echoing similar sentiments, Harini Krishnan, California Co-State Director for South Asians for Biden, said Harris had a “commanding presence” during the debate.
“Senator Harris was effective in demonstrating to America that she would be an excellent Vice President. By highlighting her impressive record of achievements as District Attorney, California Attorney General and as US Senator, Senator Harris showed that she would be ready to lead on Day 1 with Presidential candidate Biden. I am also thrilled that Senator Harris acknowledged the historic nature of her candidacy, and spoke about her mother, Shyamala Gopalan, when introducing herself to America,” said Krishnan.
Praveen Meyyan, who serves as a Virginia Co-State Director for South Asians for Biden said, “Senator Harris spoke directly to the American people about what is at stake in this election: our health, safety, economy, environment and our healthcare. Vice President Pence had nothing to offer about why he and Donald Trump deserve another four years.”

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