Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp compulsory use of police commissioners

City Police Commissioner Alok Kumar has instructed all senior police officers and officers of the city police unit to make use of Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp.

All senior officers and police inspectors should make use of the site in view of their duties in the public sector. The commissioner said the website would provide an update on the course of action for the complaints.

Official website accounts have been opened for law enforcement, crime and traffic inspectors and above officers from the website section of the Commissioner’s Office. However, it has been noticed that most of the officers are not yet active in the accounts. Thus, the Commissioner has instructed the use of website accounts with immediate effect.

Additional commissioners, joint commissioners and deputy commissioners should be active and supervise their subordinates. The instructor stated that a training program on the use should be organized if necessary.

Complaints received on the Bangalore City Police Twitter account are then tagged to the concerned authorities, which can be sorted out according to priority. Complaints should be processed and the complainant should be informed of the action taken in their official accounts. Inform the Commissioner’s website. The Deputy Commissioner of Police and the Assistant Police Commissioner should check this. It also said that complaints transmitted from the accounts of the Chief Minister and Home Minister should be promptly dealt with.

Use WhatsApp

WhatsApp is mandatory on the phone number provided by the department. Not to mention the lack of mobile data. It is suggested that the websites be handled by the authorities themselves. 
Share the good work and share useful information with the public on the web. It is stated that the officers should share the good deeds and duties done at the division, sub division and station level.

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