Trying to resist robbery, student pushed off train

A 23-year-old student from Mandya suffered grievous injuries on Saturday in Bengaluru after he resisted attack by a group of robbers and was pushed out of the moving train near Kengeri Railway Station. 

Sumanth Kumar, who is a resident of Shankarnagar in Mandya, had come to Bengaluru to meet his friend and was travelling in the Bengaluru-Mysuru MEMU train.

It was when the train left the Kengeri Station that three men who were in their early 20s surrounded him in the crowded train and took away his mobile phone costing Rs 16,000. When he protested, he was pushed away by them.

Despite his injuries, he made his way to the Kengeri station from where he was taken to the BGS Hospital nearby.

Based on his complaint, the City Railway Police registered a case.

Kengeri is a satellite town in Bengaluru suburbs and most trains travelling to Mysore and Mandya pass this station. In February 2019, a man was mugged at the Kengeri station platform. The victim, Devaraja, was attacked by two men, who had borrowed his phone pretending to make an urgent call. He was robbed and beaten up. 

Despite this and Saturday’s incident, RPF Divisional Security Commissioner Debasmita Chattopadhyay Banerjee told media that due to proactive measures by police in recent years, the number of cases have come down. “We’ve dynamic deployment on trains and compartments, identifying the possibility of crime. The number of cases has come down compared to previous years,” she told.

This incident comes less than two months after a 28-year-old army personnel was similarly pushed off a moving train by robbers near the Nayandahalli station for opposing them.

In the incident which occurred on August 25, the victim Made Gowda was returning from Punjab to his native place in Maddur on the Tuticorin Express. During the journey, Made left for the washroom but did not return.

His wife Deepa began worrying around 20 minutes later but she could not get through to her husband over the phone. To her horror, she realised that he was pushed out of the train by a gang of men when he went to the washroom.

She got off the train after the chain was pulled and found him lying unconscious approximately four kilometres from where she had got down. 

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