Trolls have only helped our film: Taapsee Pannu on ‘Mulk’


Taapsee Pannu doesn’t mince words. Ever since she started promoting Mulk, Anubhav Sinha’s film dealing with communalism, she has been trolled incessantly by right wing groups for putting her views across on the prejudices and harassment Muslims face in India. She has even been criticised for talking about the issue as a publicity stunt for her film.

However, the Pink actress doesn’t care. “They (the trolls) are actually helping us. They don’t realise it but they are saving our marketing and publicity budget. I don’t care what they have to say,” is her nonchalant response. What appealed to Taapsee when she was offered the film is that it addressed the elephant in the room. “The reason why this movie is important is because it questions the prejudice that is existing currently, not just in India but all over. The icing on the cake is that I play a Hindu girl who helps a Muslim family. I loved the role,” she says.

The actress claims to have always been an inquisitive person and aware about the issues facing society. “The film helped me raise further questions of why this happens and why not,” she adds. “Right from our school days we have been taught that India is a socialist, secular, sovereign democratic nation. We have been writing these values and have imbibed them for years. It shouldn’t change suddenly now! I don’t want us to fight over religion. Let’s fight for food, water and other serious problems.”

As for the trolls, she simply laughs it off. “I don’t get upset by them. Why should I waste my time and energy over these faceless people and make them popular? What bothers me is when those who have a brain and seem sensible act like bigots. I usually don’t engage with them but sometimes I do reply. If I am in a good mood I even crack a joke or two. My genuine and intelligent followers have the brains to understand what I am saying.”

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