Travel Tips

Be flexible about your plans

Flying redeye the most economical? Shifting your travel dates to the shoulder season the best option? When you’re on the road frequently it helps to be a little flexible. Doing so can help you stop draining your travel budget at the end of the day.

Get some travel insurance

You may have been lucky on the road so far, but since you’re planning on traveling farther in 2019, there’s no point in taking any risks, right? Travel insurance can be a lifesaver when there’s an unexpected injury or illness on the road. Just be safe; get yourself a practical insurance package that fits your budget and your traveling style.

Learn some of the lingo

Just a few words that will help you order food or bargain in a busy market could be immensely helpful in a totally new environment. Plus, you’ll definitely earn some brownie points with the locals! There are endless online resources and apps that can help.

Make copies of your passport

Making sure you have photocopies of your passport can be crucial in case your actual travel document is lost or stolen. Make sure to store them in a place that’s not on your person. Also, make sure to carry some extra passport-size pictures with you — they can come in handy in some countries where you may need a picture to even get a SIM card for your phone.

Bring earplugs and a sleep mask

Find it hard to sleep on planes? Well wearing earplugs and a sleep mask can somewhat help you block out outside interferences and help you get some much-deserved rest. This is a major advantage as you don’t want to arrive at your destination jetlagged and grumpy!

Pack a little first aid kit

You don’t want a pesky tummy bug preventing you from digging into all that amazing street food in Bangkok, or depriving you of a tasty curry in India. Pack yourself a little kit with some medication for headaches, stomach bugs, and motion sickness, along with the usual Band-Aids and bandages. You can purchase mini first aid kits at most pharmacies or grocery stores.

Take a few debit and credit cards along with you

Ideally, you would have them stored in different places, like on your person, and one in a backpack, etc., so that in case there is an emergency you always have a card at hand. But before you go, make sure to inform all your banks and card providers of your travel plans — you don’t want your card to geting blocked when you need to buy an essential item!

Always carry some cash with you

In many parts of the world, cash rules. So it’s only practical that you carry a substantial amount with you when you travel. However, make sure to split up your money so that you’re never carrying a whole lot on you when walking around and exploring a new, unknown location. In the worst case that you get robbed, you’ll still have some money stashed away somewhere to help you out.

Always carry a lock (or a couple)

Keeping your stuff safe or storing things away will surely be a lot easier if you carry some locks with you. Always go with combination locks — you don’t have to worry about keeping track of the keys!

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