Traffic cops fill potholes at Kalasipalya Main Road

The V.V. Puram traffic police on Sunday roped in a private concrete mixer to fill four potholes on the busy Kalasipalya Main Road. This decision was taken after a 65-year-old scooterist was injured while negotiating a bad patch on Saturday. Sub-Inspector Renuka, who was on duty at the time, helped the scooterist before reporting the matter to higher-ups.

According to police personnel, motorists have been complaining of the potholed-ridden stretch and the danger it poses to two-wheelers. Worried about more accidents, Mr. Renuka, along with a few of his colleagues, went to a construction site in the area on Sunday and secured the use of a concrete mixer. He asked workers if they could help them out, and the driver of the concrete mixer readily agreed.

“We have been instructed to minimise traffic violations and road accidents, but the problem of bad roads needs to be addressed. Potholes are a major culprit,” a senior police officer said.

Traffic personnel who work in the area have identified 30 potholes and several bad patches of road in and around Kalasipalya. “They need to be attended to immediately. They hamper the free flow of traffic. We are ready to repair those too, but we have been asked not to interfere with civic work. We have to coordinate with BBMP officials to get them repaired,” the senior police officer added.

According to the police, there have been many minor accidents in the area. “Fortunately, the senior citizen riding the scooter on Saturday escaped unharmed. Considering the growing number of incidents on the same patch, we decided to act rather than wait for the BBMP to respond,” said another police officer.

Motorists, too, were worried that the situation will get worse once it begins to rain. “Bengaluru has not received heavy rain, and despite civic agencies saying that they have taken measures, the situation on the ground does not reflect that,” said several motorists.

Earlier this year, the city traffic police had launched a drive to identify bad stretches of roads that are hampering vehicular movement. They submitted a report to the BBMP seeking immediate action. The report includes potholes, footpaths in need of repair, encroachments and unscientific speed bumps.

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