Tovino Thomas reveals ‘Kala’ was a challenging project

Tovino Thomas has completed filming for his forthcoming film ‘Kala’ and the actor shares that it was a challenging and a hard project. The actor opened up that during his salad days, he was with the same team planning and making short films and now they were able to make a film together. “And ‘Kala’ has packed up! Years ago with cinema in my dreams, I used to be in the company of this same team of Kala, discussing and making short films. Now, we have made cinema, and with the purest of passions,” Tovino said in his latest Instagram post.

The actor also shared that the project was challenging and hard to make but with the passion they had for cinema, they made it possible. “Kala was hard. Real hard. But this mutual love we had for cinema made it all possible. And I’m sure this team’s passion will make Kala all the more wholesome as it reaches you. Let’s hope that happens soon,” he captioned.

Thomas has also shared a picture from one of the action sequences from the film and it assures that the film will be intense.

‘Kala’ is directed by Rohit VS who has earlier helmed ‘Adventures of Omanakuttan’.

The director has confirmed that the movie is of the thriller genre and it also touches upon evolution. And sources close to the actor shared that the film has a lot of action sequences. Tovino was injured while filming one of the scenes and was hospitalized for a week.

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