Third chain snatching incident in two days


Within a gap of two days, chain snatching incident was reported for the third time from the city on Thursday, the victim of this incident, Sharada, had visited Kulashekar along with her grandson and had returned by an auto rickshaw at around 1.20 pm. She was walking towards her home by Bharath Printers Road when an unidentified person who parked his motorbike at a distance walked towards her. He suddenly snapped away a golden chain weighing about 20 grams valued at Rs 70,000 from her neck and went away in his vehicle.Sharada filed a complaint in this connection in Kadri police station.

Police warning

On Wednesday, two chain snatching cases had happened, one at Shantinagara under Kadri police station, and another near the KPT. The police said that as per intelligence reports, thefts and chain snatching cases have increased after the coronavirus-induced lockdown. They have asked lone women using areas where the movement of the people is scarce, to take enough care of their gold ornaments and valuable possessions.

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