The New thought movement

‘You get in life what you have the courage to ask for’ - Oprah Winfrey

Pradivya Nambiar

The 20th Century evolves rapidly with the human mind and countries racing, with different inventions. From cars, machinery, AI, fast food, even man on the moon, to our current covid 19 vaccine.

With this evolving journey to excel in every field of life irrespective of the damages that it entails, we continue to progress at rapid pace. While this ball is rolling, we see a parallel thought process running, leading us to the New Thought Movement – in other terms the Spiritual Awakening.

Over the past few decades, we see a gradual awareness to our very own Mother Earth. The effects of globalisation leading to global warming being one of the biggest concerns we face today as a planet.

Another rising concern we face is the honeybee, whose existence is vital to our eco system to survive and today there is a fear of extinction. Honeybees are the world biggest crop pollinators. It is estimated almost one third the food crop comes from pollination by honey bees. Honey bees have been declining due to the use of pesticides, global warming – with raising temperature they find higher altitudes that are cooler and hence reducing their space, farming- cutting of foliage. We need to change our perception of how the world needs to progress and the importance of Cohabitation of our planet.

The New Thought Movement, followed by masses today craving spiritual awakening. The search for a higher source and realisation of vibrations and energies involved. The common use of law of attraction and manifestation today is found indepth in books, on the internet and classes being conducted around the world.

These terms, law of attraction and manifestation, is classified as a pseudoscience. Scientist do not consider it a science, due to the lack of being able to measure it in scientific terms.

While there is no scientific explanation to these theories, those aware of these principles see results towards the achievements of their goals, health, personal, love and social life. An overall upliftment with following the simple humanity principles of positive thoughts and actions leading to evolution on a much larger framework in every sphere in ones life.

Manifestation is explained in the best way as putting into reality what your mind can in thoughts, feelings and belief.

Law of attraction can be explained in terms that positive and negative thoughts create positive or negative experiences in ones life. The belief that people and thoughts are made from pure energy. This process lays emphasis on “like attracts like”.

Energy exists in everything and is all around each and everyone of us. Using these tools one can improve their self-learning, health, finances and personal relationships. It’s these small changes in our everyday life, that results to this multiplied abundance.

In the early 20th century Swami Vivekananda travelled to the United States and gave a lecture on Hinduism and this greatly influenced the New Thought Movements progression. In our present educational system we see great emphasis on information rather than on self-awareness and self-learning and worldwide we see a gradual increase in juvenile crime.

In our present day the book most people are familiar with is the Secret, published in 2006. The book being a best seller and a film followed subsequently. Today the Internet is flooded with articles, blogs, videos on both these new thoughts leading to an easy accessibility for everyone to be able to learn these simple principles and apply it in their daily lives and accelerate their path to a more evolved and abundant self.

The main techniques used for both law of attraction and manifestation involves meditation, visualisation techniques, intention boards being set up and classes to learn these techniques that have existed for 1000’s of years in our system and which we have been unaware of due to lack of emphasis given to the field of self learning, creativity and inventions.

Loneliness, depression, anxiety and stress are common terms we have heard over the last few decades. Self learning and spiritual awakening can help all these above issues we have battled largely. It helps individuals and families embrace positivity, into every aspect of our lives , and changing the environment around and within us leading to a calm, peaceful, happy and abundant life and learning how to deal with the difficult situations with the most positive outlook.

The new Universal language bringing together people from all walks of life and from all over the  world. With the right application of law of attraction  and power of manifestation into our lives , by asking the universe for the things one dreams off with the purest of intentions only manifests the wish into reality.

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