The GRP election arena will be held in Gadag


“Elections to 1,696 of the 117 village arbitrators in the district will be held in two phases. The code of conduct will be in effect till December 31,” said District Collector M Sundaresh Babu.

Speaking at a meeting held at the district office, he said, “All the districts are prepared to have elections in the first phase of Gadag, Shirahatti, Laxmeshwara and the second phase in Mundaragi, Rona, Gajendragad and Nargund taluks.

“There are 122 village panchayats in the district. Of these, the tenure of Lakshmeshwara taluk of Pattoor, Harlapur of Gadag taluk, Shantageri of Gajendragad taluk and Muradi tanda of Kundoji and Mundargi taluk are yet to be completed,” he said.

‘The notification will be issued on the 7th of December for the first phase of election as per the schedule of the Election Commission. Dec 11 Last day to submit nomination papers. Verification of Namespaces on Dec 12, Dec 14 Last Day to Return Nomination Cards. The voting will be held on December 22 and the counting will be held on December 30 at the respective taluka centers.

“Notification will be issued for the second phase of elections on December 11. Last date for submission of submissions on Dec16. Verification of Namespaces on Dec 17, Dec 19 Last Day for Nomination Revocation. Voting will be held on Dec 27. The counting of votes will take place on December 30 at the respective taluk centers. The election process will end on December 31,” he said.

“There are a total of 534,085 voters in the district among the village panchayats where elections are held. Of these, 2,70,245 are male and 2,63,840 are female voters. All the village arbitrators who are going to be elected will be appointed as election officers and assistant electors.”

In the first phase, there are 146 electorates out of 26 village panchayats in Gadag taluk. Out of the total 13 Grama Panchayats in the Laxmeshwara Taluk, 61 constituencies and 75 out of the 14 Grama Panchayats in Shirahatti Taluk, 282 out of 53 Grama Panchayats will be held.

Out of the total 18 Grama Panchayats in the second phase of Taluk, Mundaragi Taluk, 95 constituencies, 120 constituencies out of a total of 24 Grama Panchayats in Rohna Taluk, 49 out of 64 Grama Panchayaths in Gamanendragad Taluk and 13 Grama Panchayaths He said elections will be held for constituencies.District Arbitration Chief Operating Officer Yatish N, District Superintendent of Police, M Satheesh Kumara, Additional Superintendent of Police.

Establishment of 805 booths

District Collector M Sundaresh Babu said that out of the total 1,696 members in the district, there are 1,696 members in the polling booths.

A total of 805 booths have been set up for the election of village arbitrators, including 621 main polls and 184 additional booths. He said a total of 117 electoral officers and 122 assistant election officers have been appointed and trained for 117 village arbitrations.

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