The glittering Tipu Palace to be re-plastered soon

With more than two centuries of history, Tipu Summer Palace is languishing.

The Tipu Palace was declared a National Monument in 1957 and has since been taken over by the Archaeological Survey of India. The pillars of the palace are lighted and cracked. The stucco in the walls. The spider worms have set traps. The flooring has been torn down. Although it has been patched in some places, it has darkened the palace. The building is shaded without electricity. The bastards have scratched the walls with scratch on it. Such a mischievous act is unbridled.

Fire safety neglect: Fire safety is ignored in the palace. In the event of a fire accident, the cylinder used for disaster prevention is still in use.

Palace History

In 1781, Hyder Ali started to build this palace. Tipu Sultan completed the task in 1791. There is a history that Tipu used this palace for administrative purposes and for summer rest. The palace is still called the Tipu Summer Palace for the same reason. After the death of Tipu, the English joined hands and came into the hands of the Mysore lords.

The palace was constructed using 90% of the cultivated trees. Though it has a ground floor to look at, it is a two storied palace. The huge wooden pillars and semicircular arches on the stone pavilion with heavy beams are impressive. It is built in Indo Islamic style. The top floor of the palace and the climbing stairs are also made of wood.

Visit 600-800 daily

Tipu’s Palace is one of the major tourist attractions of the city. It is visited by 600 to 800 people on a regular basis. More than two thousand people visit on weekends.

Action has been taken to remedy the problems in the palace. Work is already underway outside the palace. The palace will be re-plastered soon. An application has been made to the Archaeological Department to fill out the expired fire cylinder.

– Gautam, Palace Administrator.

It is the government’s duty to preserve historical monuments and save our future generations. The problems of the palace must be resolved immediately.

– Santosh, student

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