The building collapsed on the lake courtyard

Thomas Nagar, 2nd Maruthi Seva City, Bangalore GM Ravindra, joint commissioner of the East Zone of the BBMP, said that the main reason for the disaster is the lack of space in the lake.

” The 4-storey building along the ground floor and the adjacent building 4 years ago has collapsed. The area where the buildings are built is a lake courtyard. However, only 3 feet of masonry was built. As a result, the soil is loosened and the buildings collapsed, ” he said.

” The map has been approved for a three-storey building along the ground floor. However, the owners of the building were violating the law and were building 4 floors. The notice was issued a month ago. The building was to be cleared in the near future. There was disaster in the meantime, ”

5 lakhs for the family of the deceased

. G. Parameshwar and Minister KJ George have paid Rs 5 lakh each to the families of the deceased. Said to be compensated.

The wells were not properly closed:

There was a well in the space where the building was built. It was four feet wide and heavy. Before the building was constructed, the well was sealed with other materials, including waste and mud. However, it was not properly covered. The soil did not belong to the hardwood. In one corner of the same site, the building was constructed to a depth of about three feet. Locals said one corner of the building collapsed soon after the well was located.

Against the owner, the engineer

The Pulakeshti case was filed against Mohammed Shoaib and Mohammed Imtiaz, builders of the building, C Rudrani and architect K Rudrani and architect K Ravikumar. A case has been registered in connection with the IPC section 304 murder.

Notice of Investigation

“Officers have been found to be negligent, despite violating the rule and not taking action for a shutdown. In this backdrop, the Joint Commissioner has been asked to conduct a comprehensive investigation and report. The next council meeting will discuss the issue of clearing the building blocks in violation of the map sanction and a final decision will be taken, ”said Palike Mayor Gangambike Mallikarjun.

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