The best travel tips

Accept the fact that something is going to go wrong

Your flight will be delayed, you might get lost, you might get sick…this is all part of traveling. Learning how to handle bumps in the road makes you a better traveler and sometimes these “bad moments” turn into your funniest travel memories later.

Eat the street food. It’s delicious

The safest bets are the places with a queue. Stay away from the stands without any customers.

Travel during the shoulder season

This is the best time to go. Crowds and prices are low and the weather can still be very pleasant.

The slowest way to travel is by bus

Be prepared for a long, slow journey. Yes, they can sometimes be torture, but what a view you will get of local life on the road.

Don’t plan out every minute of your trip

Sometimes the best moments are those we never planned on having.

If you are lost in a city, go to the nearest hotel for help

There is usually someone on staff who can speak English and will be able to help you.

Hostels aren’t always cheaper, especially for families

Hostels charge by the person. For a family of four or more people, you can usually find cheaper accommodations by looking at apartment rentals or bed and breakfast establishments.

Go outside of your comfort zone

Try something new, meet new people, eat crazy food, go bungy jumping or sky diving. Do something that you will look back at later and say, “Wow! I did that!”

Don’t buy the traditional and expensive guidebooks

There’s enough free information on the internet that you don’t need to waste your money on a book.

Write the name and address of your hotel on a notecard

Hand this to your taxi driver. If you can’t speak the language, it’s easier to show them the address than to speak the address. Many hotel websites will have their address written in both their local language and in English; put one on each side of the note card.

Getting out on your own is the best way to travel Explore where you are; you might even get lost. That’s OK.You’ll meet great people and make some great travel memories. There is a certain feeling of accomplishment that comes from successfully navigating a foreign city on your own.

 Be polite

When you travel, not only are you representing yourself but you are also representing your country. Plus, if you are friendly and easy-going, people are much more likely to help you out if you need assistance.


When booking your room, ask for a discount

Many places will take at least a little bit off the price of the room if you ask. They are more likely to do this if you agree to pay in cash or plan to stay three nights or more.

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