Teachers are Guide to the young community of Students : MP BY Raghavendra


Teachers are a guiding force for student youth and the responsibility of teachers to make them socially responsible is the responsibility of the teachers, MP BY Raghavendra said.

He spoke at the inauguration of the Teachers’ Day program at the District Rangamandir on Saturday.

Mahatma Gandhiji’s dream was that everyone should act as a social figure.  To complement this, the Central Government has formulated a New Education Policy.  Professional  Skills Development Training is given priority in the new policy.  We can expect a positive change in the entire academic field in the near future.  Teachers need to keep themselves updated in a changing scinario.  He said teachers should take advantage of the information technology sector.

The state government has already approved the construction of a well-equipped Guru Bhavan at Shivamogga and the permission has been granted with two Crore. Our goal is to dedicate the new Guru Bhavana district within a year.  Similarly, there is a plan for the construction of the Guru Bhavans even at the taluka level.

Teacher issues are being progressively solved.  Teachers need to focus on improving their skills and take action to improve the outcomes of students in government schools, he said.

The District-in-Charge Minister, KS Eshwarappa, who is receiving treatment at a private hospital in Bangalore, wished the Teachers’ Day with a mobile message.

Teachers are acting like warriors even in today’s hard times.  Studying on the doorstep of students is commendable.He said the government is taking steps to address the issues of teacher promotion and transfer.

A total of 21 teachers who were selected for the District Level Good Teacher Award were honored at the event.

MN Ramesh, Deputy Director, Public Education Department welcomed.Mayor Suvarna Shankar, Deputy Mayor Surekha Muralidhar, SUDA President Jyoti Prakash, District Panchayat Standing Committee Chairman Veerabhadrappa Pujar, Deputy Commissioner KB Shivakumar, District Panchayat Chief Executive Officer ML Vaishali and  other dignitaries were present.

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