SwasthakalaNiketan presents ‘Healing with Art’ Challenge

A celebration of freedom in times of uncertainty with art & positive affirmations

SwasthakalaNiketan an initiative that spreads the ‘Healing prowess of Art’ invites general public to participate in an art marathon “Healing with Art Challenge” to mark the celebration of freedom in times of uncertainty.

The activity aims at connecting ‘Hearts with Art’ to bring universal consciousness together for a world filled with love, health, compassion and oneness.

This is an individual activity to be done at one’s convenience to express freely. Commemorating our Independence Day, the activity is scheduled for August 15, 2020. Enthusiasts are requested to bring out their creative freedom on this day by following some simple rules to participate in the “Healing with Art Challenge”:

  • Light a lamp or candle
  • Use only 3 colours – Yellow, Blue and Red.
  • Use medium of one’s choice – Paper, cloth or canvas- water colour, natural pigments or poster colours, dry pastels, pencils, crayons
  • Take a picture or a video of the art work & upload on one’s social media handles with a small note on the experience using the hashtags #100yearsofAnthropMed #HealingArt #Celeberating Freedom
  • Follow & tag the art work to SwathakalaNiketan social media handles:

– Instagram:

– Twitter –

– Facebook:

  • Tag/invite 3 friends on social media and request them take up the “Healing with Art” challenge
About SwasthyaNiketan

SwasthyaNiketan is an Integrated Healthcare & Research organisation promoting Anthroposophic medicine. The organisation provides Holistic, Integrative Medical approach, Personalised Patient centered Health care focused on “Disease treatment to Health creation.”

Integrated Medical approach is based on an understanding of the need to treat physical symptoms as well as to address life, emotional, spiritual and social elements of the disease. The approach involves a combination of medication and multidisciplinary complementary Therapeutic approaches such as Artistic Therapies (Music, painting, Sculpting), Yoga, Eurythmy, Meditation, Physiotherapy, Psychotherapy, Palliative care management etc..

Dr.Wahida Murthy, a MBBS DLO, Family physician and Integrated Medicine Consultant (Anthroposophic medicine- Switzerland.) is the Founder of SwasthyaNiketan. She specialises in Artistic Therapies and Biography Counselling and is the India Coordinator for Anthroposophic Art therapy training Certified by European Academy Medical section &Goetheanum.

SwasthakalaNiketan is an initiative by SwasthyaNiketan and provides workshops on Importance of Art Education, Health, Community Building, etc.

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