Sumalatha takes Dr. B. Sarojadevi National Award on behalf of Ambarish

Dr. B. Sarojadevi National Award Ceremony was held today. His wife Sumalatha Ambarish received the award on behalf of the late actor Ambarish.

Senior actor Ambarish died posthumously at the Indian Vidyalaya. B. Sarojadevi was honored with the National Award. Senior actress Dr. Sarojadevi was also present at the event.

Deputy Chief Minister Dr Sumalatha spoke after presenting the award. CN Ashwaththanarayana said, “Ambarish is a great actor. His influence on every one of my things. It was nice to have the opportunity to give him this award. Chief Minister Yeddyurappa hopes the film city should be built soon. There is a thought that Film City should do in Bangalore, looking for a place. Ambarish was the solution to any such problem in the film industry. We have to move on their way, ” he praised Ambarish.

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