Suburban rail is better than metro for Tumkur

The demand for a suburban rail project has been heard before, with the reopening of the Metro link to Tumkur.

The highway from Nagasandra to BIEC is being constructed under the second phase metro project on Tumkur road. The route is 70 km long. There is talk of extending to far Tumkur. Rail transport experts questioned the need to implement an expensive metro project without developing an already available railway facility.

3 km from Nagasandra to BIEC. The long way is being built. In 2016, there was talk of extending it to Tumkur. There are still plans to expand the metro route to Tumkur. BMRCL has confirmed that the government has instructed to study the feasibility of the project.

About 40 trains run daily from Bangalore to Tumkur. Additional trains are being operated after the completion of the pair of railway works from Bangalore to Gubbi recently. Rail Transport Specialist Krishnaprasad has suggested that suburban MEMU trains can be operated if the railway and rail electrification works, rather than the metro project.
An expensive metro

1 km 150-200 crore for the construction of the long metro elevated route. It costs. If the cost of land acquisition is included, the costs will increase. It is better to develop the available railway infrastructure instead. Train tickets are cheaper compared to the Metro ticket. There is no other option for commuters except for 15% discount on smart card in Metro. Experts believe that railways are less expensive than metro.
The state government should develop the railway infrastructure in collaboration with the central government. Suburban rail instead of metro to Tumkur can save people time and money.
– Sanjeev Damannavar, Train Transport Specialist
The government should focus on developing suburban trains to further develop the rail transport available to Tumkur. The new metro project will have the burden of cutting down even more trees.
– Srinivas Alavilli, Co-founder, Citizens for Bangalore
Tumkur is thinking of connecting to Metro. The state government has instructed to study the feasibility of the project. However, at present there is no study.
– Ajay Seth, Managing Director, BMRCL

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