State ministers visit Sangama Institute


Most of the time politicians seek advantage and political benefits in every visit they make to any place, but this one is an exception. Minister of urban development of Karnataka government, U T Khadar and Horticulture minister M C Managuli visited Sangama Social Work Institute where they had a friendly interaction over a cup of tea.

U T Khadar, had closely associated with Sangama Institute. As minister he helped with several housing projects for the people of Sindagi and MC Managuli sponsored 10,000 plants (with labour and providing water) to Sangama. The director of Sangama Social Work Centre, Fr Alwyn D’Souza S J, assistant director Sr Anitha D’Souza, welcomed the ministers. Both the ministers were very happy and appreciative of the work done by Sangama Institute.

Sangama Social Work Institute began in 2000 by the Karnataka Jesuit province. The primary aim of the institute then was to help the children who were victims of child labour.

Today Sangama is well known due to the help rendered through SHG women’s groups, construction workers groups, educational help to the children of Devadasi, help to Devadasi women, SHG Federation, unorganized youth, right based activities through MNREGA, Lokmanch, help to re-admit and educate school dropouts, educating women in tailoring classes to help them to be self employed, computer classes for the youth and needy and catering justice for the differently abled children, helping people with Aadhar, ration cards, housing facilities. Presently Sangama provides water to seven villages which are highly affected by drought.

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