State kids to get lessons in social harmony and human rights

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Bengaluru: The students of classes 1 to 8 in state schools will read about human rights, public administration and Sufi movement in the revised textbooks which will be introduced from 2017-18 academic year (coming June).

Prof Baraguru Ramachandrappa, head of the textbook revision committee which was constituted by the state government briefed media persons, on Wednesday about changes, corrections and new introductions in the textbooks.

A day after Express carried a report on how kids will be forced to study textbooks that have not been reviewed by subject experts, Ramachandrappa gave some details about the revision. He stated that, the committee had introduced some new syllabus, removed some portions which were unnecessary, and corrected some part.

Reviewed by high-level panel

Ramachandrappa said, “We have introduced the ideals of the constitution, the changes in the textbooks have been made keeping in mind regional and social representation, harmony, equality, national integration, religious harmony and other factors. Textbooks have been submitted to a high-level review committee and their suggestions have been taken.”

He also said the textbook revision work was done keeping the interests of students and the education sector in mind. “I have been saying from the start that we are not here to enforce any political agenda through textbooks. Textbooks are not party books,” he said. Ramachandrappa clarified that he had submitted his report to state Primary and Secondary Education Minister Tanveer Sait on February 4.

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