Start development work or we resign: MLAs to CM BSY


Karnataka chief minister (CM), B S Yediyurappa, has been grappling with the need to undertake development works following presentation of the budget on one side, and an empty treasury on the other. His own party legislators have threatened to resign from assembly membership if he fails to sanction grants to their constituencies.

The legislature party meeting of the BJP was held on Thursday March 13 at a private hotel in the city. When the issue of developing constituencies came up, most of the MLAs rose to their feet with complaints about dearth of grants. Even Yediyurappa, who generally draws respect being a tough task master, was taken on by the legislators.

At the meeting, the chief minister asked the BJP legislators to come out with their problems. Vijayapura MLA Basanagoua Patil Yatnal, said that things are not moving in legislative constituencies, works have got stranded and officials are not obeying him. He lamented the fact that the things have come to such a pass that to get things done the MLAs have to accompany an agent to government offices.

Yediyurappa lent an ear to the issues of the legislators. But on one occasion, he suddenly flared up when Bagalkot MLA Siddu Savadi, passed a remark. When Savadi complained about works not getting done in his constituency, Yediyurappa angrily reminded him that he had released funds for his constituency and his demands were met. “Why do you keep complaining? Did I not say in the assembly that putting together money is becoming very hard?” he said. He blamed the previous government for leaving the coffers empty.

As many as 70 legislators including north Karnataka legislators Raju Gowda, Basanagouda Patil Yatnal and Gulihatti Shekhar actively participated in the discussions. When Shekhar wanted to know whether his work will be attended to or should he resign, the chief minister was caught unawares. He recovered later, and promised to convene meeting of district-wise legislators now and then.

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