Sports Lab to come to the aid of athletes

28 crore for Sanjay Gandhi Asthi and Trauma Center for the treatment of rural and poor athletes. Plans are afoot to build a cost-effective ‘sports lab’.

“The hospital premises is worth Rs 20 crore. The construction of the building will cost Rs 8 crore. Essential equipment will be installed at cost. The blueprint for the building is already in place and construction is expected to be completed soon, ” said Dr Kapoor. H.S. Chandrasekhar told Vika.

” We have a lot of sports talent. But there is a lack of relevant information and guidance on health care to complement the full spectrum of achievement in sports. A lot of talent is unable to move forward due to serious muscle injuries such as muscle spasm, bone loss, and habitual injury. The ‘Sports Lab’ is being launched with the aim of providing advice and treatment for such athletes to have physical fitness, ” said Dr. Kapoor, a professor and professor of the hospital’s Sports Medicine department. K. Said Madan Ballal.

Causes of the problem:

“Athletes in a variety of sports, including marathon, cricket, tennis, football and hockey, need to practice with physical exercise for achievement. In this case, many types of injuries are normal. It is common to have a problem in some limbs with constant practice. Most continue to practice using temporary analgesics. Many of these neglects cause physical problems. Many such cases continue to come to hospitals, ”says a doctor.

Specialty of ‘Sports Lab’

Sports Labs are provided with the treatment and medical advice needed for physical problems for athletes. It will only include outpatient and physiotherapy clinics. Any athlete can get information about physical fitness before a physical problem appears. 8 crore to install the necessary equipment. Dedicated. It is intended to provide early relief by identifying which side of the athlete’s body is at fault and treating it with necessary medication and physiotherapy.

Physical fitness is very important to achieve in the field of sports. 20-25 thousand in private for checking body assessment. Will be A sports lab will be opened at Sanjay Gandhi Hospital for free – Dr. H.S. Chandrasekhar, Director, Sanjay Gandhi Gandhi Asti and Trauma Center

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