Sister of Taapsee Pannu was concerned that after ‘ Badla ‘ the actress would kill somebody

Taapsee Pannu has been a part of some really challenging films and is known for her intense performances in films like ‘Pink’, ‘Mulk’, ‘Badla’ and the more recent ‘Game Over’. However, pulling off such characters can be quite emotionally challenging and it takes a lot to get out of these characters when the film is wrapped. The actress revealed that 10 percent of the characters she portrays onscreen remain in her system.

Taapsee told, “I laugh about the fact that I’m becoming a crazy person, with every film. I rid 90 per cent of a character from my system, and 10 per cent stays, changing something in me.”

The actress recalled, “During Manmarziyaan, my sister and I went out for dinner. We were standing at the pavement, waiting for the driver to get the car. There was a man at the red signal, slyly taking out his camera on a bike. It’s not like he asked for a picture. I’m a public figure; not a public property, like Qutub Minar, or something. There’s a clear difference.”

“I, in Rumi-mode, went, ‘Phone andar rakh le, nahi toh tod dungi!’ My sister was like, ‘I’m not with her!’ I also instantly realized, this is not me,” Taapsee recalled.

“My sister was actually worried after Badla, wondering who I’ll kill, once I come back! I knew that’s not a good character to bring home.”

“With Game Over, I was getting borderline depressed. I had to keep thinking about my biggest fears, again and again, for 35 days, every single day, for 12 hours. I used to text my sister, since she is my only bouncing board. I don’t freak my parents out. It would be quite scary for them to see their daughter going through these mental ups and downs.”

“There was this one guy, after my first Telugu film, who just felt like giving me his first salute, before he joined his IPS [police] training. And he did. I don’t know why. That was quite crazy.”

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