Sister murdered brother to stop daughter’s marriage

Kengeri police have arrested four people, including a sister who murdered her brother, to stop her daughter’s marriage. Rajasekhar was murdered on the 22nd June at the Vishweshwaraiah layout of Kengeri. Rajasekhar’s sister, Gauramma Supari, murdered her older brother. Rajasekhar was planning to marry his sister Gauramma’s daughter. In order to prevent this marriage, Gauramma had supplied Mumtaz, Munni, Arju and Saqeeb to the murder of her older brother. Gauramma was suspicious of the groom who had seen her older daughter. She had planned to stop the marriage on suspicion of the groom. So it was Rs 3 lakh. Raja Shekhar murdered Supari. Gauramma’s daughter’s wedding was just two days away. At this point, Gauramma had murdered her brother and stopped the marriage. At present, four suspects have been arrested by Kengeri police.

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