Sindhu Loknath’s new look, puts an end to rumours

Sandalwood actress Sindhu Loknath has changed her hair style. Running like a deer with a football on the field. She is claiming to be fit. The reason for saying so was the words that were heard on them. Yes, in recent days there has been some news on social media that Sindhu Loknath is depressed. The news is now in the new avatar. Here is the full details of his statement.

Dedicating this set of pics to the media people, who potrayed me as a ‘Sick’ person causing panic in many people who kept pouring in messages checking if am alright. A few precious words to all the media and social media guys-
Chopping my hair doesn’t mean am ‘Sick’
Chopping hair doesn’t mean am ‘Depressed’
Chopping hair can’t be ‘Gender biased’. It’s my Hair and I’ll do whatever the hell I want to do.
It was Ridiculously Sick on your part to make such an issue over my chopped hair which is eventually gonna grow soon (in a much better way) n the words I put up in my previous post. If you haven’t understood what I meant, read it another 10times, May be you will get it.
Tampering somebody’s image showcasing them as sick, depressed, digging into somebody’s personal life, their marital status,making your own assumptions n stories might give you a very good TRP(television rating point). But do you hold yourself responsible when something really goes wrong in their life Cos u tried tampering their image too??
Are u gonna be a part of this blame game too?
You would require permission from higher authority and monetary involvement when you have to cover us for good things/movie promotion. But unwanted news like this is Freeeeeee of cost n free slots😊. It’s high time you spread some positivity during this pandemic time.
Stop pushing people to their edge. And am done keeping quiet here. If you have the freedom to showcase , I have the freedom of speech too.
I don’t owe you guys an explanation to any damn thing in the world apart from my profession.
And to all other people who were concerned about my health or my state of mind, Thank you so much. Am doing really great. Thank u for all the love

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