Shivanna film title change, Leader needs alternative

At last the KFCC apex body of film activities has asked the producer Tarun Shivappa to change the title ‘Leader’ kept for Dr Shivarajakumar film. The film is at the final stage of shooting. Now the KFCC suggested for change in the title.

What is the reason for this? AMR Ramesh litigation! Ramesh filed a complaint at KFCC six months ago when he came to know Dr Shivarajakumar film is titled as ‘Leader’.

AMR Ramesh claims that he has registered the title in 2010 and done extensive research on the contents for last two years.  He has regularly registered the title every year. Ramesh research work also made him to visit jails for contents and with Farhan Roshan (Emil) he has completed recording of four songs for ‘Leader’.

Ramesh in this connection approached KFCC and got a satisfactory reply. KFCC advised Tarun Pictures to keep an alternative title. After fighting for 6 months on this issue, we have got justice I think. I thank one and all who have helped me in this.

I hope the banner Tarun Pictures do not prefix or suffix anything to our title ‘LEADER’ adds AMR Ramesh.

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