Shah Rukh Khan condoles death of cancer patient


It is easy to be called a superstar but it sure isn’t easy to live as one. And yet Shah Rukh Khan manages to do it day after day.

The perks aside, being a superstar comes with a lot of responsibility – that of being accountable for your action, that of setting the right example, that of being available for fans. While a lot of people want to meet him, SRK makes it a point to meet as many people as he can. So, when cancer patient, Aruna’s family reached out to the actor’s team requesting a meet, we were sure SRK would make time for it. When news of it reached social media, #SRKMeetsAruna also started trending on Twitter, with fans requesting the superstar to meet her.

Needless to say, Shah Rukh, being the gentleman that he is was only too happy to oblige but due to prior commitments, he couldn’t do it at that time and had instead recorded a video message for Aruna, promising her that they would meet very soon. His message said, “I want to say this that me, my whole family, all our friends whoever knows about you, we are praying for your wellness. You are in a state where meeting you is perhaps not a possibility. I know this for a fact that you will get well soon and we will meet very soon.”

However, this meet was not to be for Aruna passed away. Not the one to go back on his word, SRK took to Twitter to condole the death of his ardent fan and console her kids. Here’s the touching tweet he put up…

We don’t respect the man for nothing. He truly is a gem of a person, who, despite having tasted success, is as grounded as is possible.

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