Samantha Walked Out Of Baahubali Theatre??

Big news till date is that top starlet Samantha has walked into Baahubali 2 theatre on Day 1 along with forty kids to catch the show.

And before entering into her screen at Big Cinemas in Ameerpet for the noon show, she spoke to media folks as well. Later she shared a note on the film on May 1st which was appreciated by Rajamouli too. Put this story aside, here comes a shocker we’re hearing from our sources in the theatre on release day of Baahubali.

It’s heard that the ‘Screen’ that was screening Baahubali 2 was equipped with a bad air conditioner system. Twenty-minutes right into the film, ACs malfunctioned and people started sweating as only fans are running. Though Samantha’s kids managed to watch the show, she walked out of the theatre in the middle of the first half, revealed a source. Of course, its tough to bear the heat inside a packed theatre with air-conditioners not working in this hot summer season where mercury is touching 41+ degrees celsius.

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