Salman Khan’s former bodyguard arrested

In what can be described as a bizarre incident, one of Salman Khan’s former bodyguards was arrested in Moradabad. The guy, whose name is Anas created a ruckus on the road. It seems he failed to bag the Gold medal at the Moradabad Bodybuilding Championship. The young man, Anas Qureshi was apparently under the influence of steroids. The police had to come in and control him. The cops used ropes and fishing nets to hold him. It seems after an initial check-up, Anas was transferred to the Bareilly Mental Hospital. No statement has come from Salman Khan’s side on the same. It seems the muscular fellow damaged vehicles and thrashed people.

This is not the first time that Salman Khan’s bodyguards are in the news. One of his bodyguards made headlines during the premiere of Bharat when he apparently pushed a kid. A video went viral where Salman Khan was seen giving a tight slap to his bodyguard. It seems he had pushed a kid rather rudely and he fell down. The kid was at the risk of getting trampled. This is what infuriated Salman Khan and he slapped him.

“What happened was rather unfortunate. Salman Khan has given strict instructions to his team to be extra careful with kids and senior citizens. He makes sure no one behaves badly with them. There was frenzy and some people got quite uncontrollable. When he saw what happened he got upset. The guard was a part of his team but now he has been removed. His team has strict instructions on how to behave with kids and seniors.

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