Rs 32 crore has been levied by online frauds in 4 months

The cyber crime police in the city’s cybercrime police station have reported a net worth of Rs 32 crore for 3,100 cyber cases reported in the last four months. Robbed.
There is an average of 25 cases per day per cyber station in the city commissioner’s office premises. There are thousands of people in the range of thousands of rupees up to Rs. No matter how awakening it is, the number of fraudsters is not going to come. The cyber station official said people are losing money through the very simple ‘tricks’ used by the Khamis.
E-mail ID, collector’s message collectively for mobile numbers, Rs. Notice that the lottery has been hit. Believing it and sends the documents to the e-mail ID, they send their documents to the account of winning the lottery and pay their accounts in the name of various fees. Similarly, debit calls for a credit card expiry date, or a bank card account, aadhaar card alignment, and falsifications. If you believe in the fact that the OTP is given to the mobile phone and the mobile phone is a fraudulent network.
Put a fake customer service number on Google in the name of various companies, paying the customer details of the trusted call. The bride-groom websites, like Facebook, make money in the name of counterfeit accounts and send money to send them a gift.
Anyone asking for financial details, including bank, should not share. Cyber ​​Station Officer has suggested that there is no problem if you do not share your personal and personal photos to websites.
The cyber station official said 30 per cent of people who lost money in the 3,100 cases registered in the cyber station were withdrawn from 30 per cent to 40 per cent.
“We will freeze the amount of money their accounts have received after complaining of fraud. If that money is transferred to another account we will get information from the bank and freeze it. The money that remains in the account is being paid, though not quite in most cases. ”
As far as commencement, most fraudsters who are targeted by drawn city ​​citizens are in other states. As soon as they are paid for the money, they go to their ATMs through the network and draw money immediately. The cyber criminals inside the country often make a small amount of money. Most of the censorship money from millions of crores of rupees are foreign frauds, including Nigeria, the official said.
Customers can withdraw money from bank accounts, drawn from e-valet, transferred from ATM card to credit card information, without having to share with anyone with a card, while skimming them in other ways. However, it should be registered in the police station. Before returning the lost money, banks verify how money is withdrawal.

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