Rowdy for the shootout; Uncontrolled Crime

The city police are firing at the tail of rowdy, extortionists and pirates. In the past six months, police have opened fire on Savers’ revolvers, leaving 20 dead. But rowdy and extortionists are not. Criminal cases are out of control. The biggest challenge for the police is the robbery, extortion and serial proceeds.

In 2018, there were 30 shootout events. But in 2019, there are signs that the rate will still increase. In the last six months, 20 people have been shot in the leg, prompting the criminal world.

Savers’ revolvers, which had previously only targeted rowdy sheets, have now expanded their reach. Savers’ revolvers are also searching for unprecedented charges in 2019. Road burglary, extortion and mobile theft are among the crimes that are currently hiding in Bangalore.

Mechanical rowdy parades

Rowdy parades are a series of actions to control rowdy activities. The faces of those who have been coming to the Rowdy Parade from ten to twelve years ago are still the same faces. But there is an increasing number of rowdy two and three. The prevalence of marijuana addicts is increasing. But after Alokkumar became the new police commissioner, the parade of the convicted accused is being emphasized in all DCP sections.

Major Shootouts

Tabrij Khan shot dead by police at KG Halli police station – over 12 cases.

* On February 5, CCB police shot and killed Rowdy Sheeter Slum Bharatha’s leg.

* On May 26, police at Soladevanahalli Station showed Savar’s revolver to the feet of Devaraju (25) and Chandrasekhar (23). They are accused of extorting students’ tastes.

* On May 28, police at Nandini Layout Station opened fire on Lagare Muneeraju’s leg.

* On May 30, the Kumaraswamylayout police opened fire on Rajendran’s leg, which had fallen into the ground. ATM guard to point guard or put a stone on the head of murdering his automatism

* On April 28, Cottonpet police had arrested gangster was shot in the leg Odisha-based Mansoor Khan

* Jun 15: Namraj Basakat shot dead by East DCP officials

* July 23: Batarayanapura Station police arrested extortionist Govindu alias Rahul (22) and

shot him in the leg. Laxman’s Casey hat-trick for robbing students’ room

Rowdy Laxman, notorious for murdering the entire Bangalore city, has been murdered. A total of three Supari gangs were systematically murdered. Akash alias Malaria, Catraja and Hemantkumar were shot dead in March. This is the first time in the last 10 years that three accused have been shot in the leg in the same case. The CCB then passed on the charges against the accused.

The alienation of Sheena alias Srinivas, who was convicted of firing in the leg in 2019, has killed the police. Ganesh, an electrician, was murdered on June 17 at Vayalikaval.

Pappu, son of chickenfaj

On June 20, CCB police shot and killed Rowdy Pappu in the leg. Pappu, son of one of the biggest rowdy henchmen of Bangalore underground in the 80s, was a big headache for the Bangalore police in the case of extortion and robbery.

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