‘Reservation in IIT-Dharwad will benefit youth from State’


Dharwad: Basavaraj Rayaraddi, Minister for Higher Education, has said that it was wrong on the part of the Union Human Resource Development Minister to turn down a request to provide 25 per cent regional reservation at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Dharwad.

Responding to questions here, Rayaraddi said that the request to provide regional reservation for Karnataka was made after the State government provided over 470 acres of land.

“This was necessary to ensure that the youth from the State benefited from the setting up of the premier institution in the State. If regional reservation is not provided then what is the use of the premier institution being established in the State and the State government providing all necessary infrastructure without getting any benefits,” he asked.

He also pointed out that the amendment to Article 371 granting special status to Hyderabad Karnataka had brought benefits to youths in employment and education.

“MPs and Union Ministers representing the State, should take the issue seriously and press the Union government for getting regional reservation in the IIT and also in the proposed Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) at Raichur. I will once again write to the Union government to provide regional reservation in the best interests of the State and the welfare of the youth,” he said.


‘Appropriate action’


About the issuance of fake certificates, he said that the State government will initiate appropriate action in the matter.

Apart from that the State government had taken a decision to introduce a chip to verify the original and would also be write to the Union government to introduce the ‘chip’ system at the national level.

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