Requesting citizens cooperation during lockdown: DC


Deputy Commissioner, G Jagadeesh in an official release dated requested for cooperation and adherence to regulations from people during the lockdown period.

He stated that sufficient progress is achieved with the cooperation of people to prevent the spread of coronavirus pandemic. But it is necessary to remain alert and follow lockdown. It is being observed that some people are wandering outside ignoring lockdown without realizing its basic intention. Suitable legal action is taken against them and more than 413 vehicles are already seized.

The borders of the district are sealed and security is arranged at checkposts during the 24 hours of the day. Only vehicles of emergency medical treatment and those carrying essential goods are being permitted. However the district administration has come to know that vehicles from Mumbai, Bengaluru, Bhatkal, Hyderabad, Mysuru etc are entering the district avoiding the checkposts. It is necessary to identify such people and keep them in quarantine. Therefore, people in the district are being requested to inform the following officials through mobile numbers or whatsapp the details such as address, mobile number and date of arrival of people who entered the district after April 1. Those people will have to be kept in quarantine. Citizens are requested to cooperate with the district administration in this regard.

  1. Chandrashekar Naik, deputy director, department of agriculture, Udupi. Mobile No: 8277932501
  2. Krishna Hebsoor, executive engineer, KRIDL, Udupi. Mobile No: 9449534792
  3. Roshan Kumar Shetty, assistant director, project and sports department, Udupi. Mobile No: 9845432303.
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