Report to NGT if city not plastic free by Sept 1

NBT Solidarity Management Committee Chairman N Subhash B. Adi has warned that a report to the National Green Tribunal would be filed against the BBMP if the city does not free the plastic by September 1.

Speaking at a public meeting on BBMP South Zone Solid Waste Management held at the Town Hall, he said, “From 1, Kalaburagi district will be a plastic free district. However, the ban on plastic in the capital Bangalore has not been adequately implemented. Despite the increasing number of educated people, people are falling behind in terms of the responsibility of society. One has to wonder why this is not possible in the city when the action is strictly enforced in areas like Hyderabad and Karnataka. If plastic is used in the city even after SE1, a factual report will be submitted to the tribunal, ”he said.

Gas from the garbage

Debate on Solid Waste Management in the South Zone Subhash advised to focus more on making garbage from garbage.

“CNG gas is produced from bio-methane in Indore. Action should be taken to devise such a project using city garbage. The city produces 5,600 metric tonnes of solid waste per day. Only a small proportion of these are classified as dry and dry. There is a problem with processing garbage. The garbage lying in Mandur is still there, ” he said.

“In the South, the ward committee, corporators and residents’ welfare associations should work together to solve the garbage problem. The garbage disposal process must take place from the home where the garbage is generated. People’s cooperation is essential for this. By this we should try to model the South Zone. ”

There are 4.91 lakh households in the South. About 1,087 metric tonnes of waste is generated. Disposal of mixed waste from 134 compactors into garlic filling plant.

The meeting was attended by Manoj Kumar, Member Secretary of the Pollution Control Board.

Since May 1, the fine mayor said, “The city is being fined with the seizure of plastic. That. It is obliged to increase the penalty rate five times after 1. If the plastics are found in the street side shops, all the items will be seized, ”he warned.

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