½ kg – Mutton chops (or ribs of goats meat cut into chops/chaap)

2 big – Onions grated or pureed without water

1 tbsp – Ginger paste

1 &1/4th tbsp. – Garlic paste

2 to 3 – Green chillies chopped roughly

1 tbsp – Dhaniya powder (Coriander powder)

½ tsp – Jeera powder (Cumin powder)

½ tsp – Haldi powder (Turmeric powder)

½ tsp – Kali mirch powder (Black pepper powder)

1 tbsp – Red chilly powder

1 tsp – Meat masala

1 tbsp – Kasoori methi powder (Dry fenugreek leaves powder)

1 tbsp – Oil to add while marinating

2 tbsp – Vinegar

½ cup- Water to add while cooking the chops

Salt to taste

2 tbsp – Raw papaya paste (Optional) (I didn’t use it this time as my goats meat was a kid goat and it was very tender, if you get bigger goats meat then use this raw papaya paste to tenderize the meat or else leave it, if you are adding this ingredient then the cooking time would be less comparatively)

Dry bread crumbs as required to coat the chops

Dry all-purpose flour(Maida) to coat the chops

2nos – Eggs are beaten well for coating the chops

A generous pinch of salt to be added to the beaten eggs for coating

Chat masala to sprinkle on top at last

Oil to deep fry the chops

Method :

Wash lightly and pat dry the chops/chaap and French the bones on top with a knife (i.e. cleaning or scraping the bones at the top and pushing the meat down to have a clean bone that looks beautiful at end), & with the help of a meat hammer or with the back of a heavy knife slightly beat the meat at end to flatten the meat a bit and give the chops a neat shape, keep aside.

Take the above prepared mutton chops in a big mixing bowl, add to it ground onion paste, ginger garlic paste, chopped green chillies, coriander powder, cumin powder, turmeric powder, garam masala powder, black pepper powder, chilli powder, meat masala powder, kasoori methi powder, salt to taste, 1 tbsp. oil, vinegar and give a good mix with light hands, marinate it overnight I prefer to keep it marinated for 2 days as the longer you marinate the juicer and tender it becomes.

Next day transfer the marinated chaps, in a pressure cooker and add around half a cup of water and close the lid and give around 3 to 4 whistle or till they are perfectly cooked.

Once the steam releases from the cooker open the lid and see if any water is remaining, If any water is there then higher the flame and cook off & evaporate the water till the chaps are all dry.

Remove the cooked chaaps in a big bowl and cool it till it comes to room temperature, and then refrigerate it for 1 hr.

When the cooked chops are cooled for 1 hour you can crumb coat them, for that take plain maida with a pinch of salt in a flat plate, take some dry bread crumbs in another flat plate, and beat 2 eggs with a generous pinch of salt and a little bit of chilli powder, take out the cooled cooked chops, and arrange everything on your kitchen platform or table .

Take one cooked chop liberally coated with the masala it was cooked in and roll it in dry maida flour lightly, shake off the extra flour off, then dip it in the beaten eggs and shake off the extra egg drippings, finally coat it with dry bread crumbs and by pressing with your hands shape them into a nice little chop, make sure the breadcrumbs are nicely coating the chops, place it on a plate, same way repeat with all the chops and crumb coat them and refrigerate for at least one hour more in so that the coating sets properly.

When you are ready to fry them take out the crumb coated chops about 10 minutes before.

Heat oil enough in a kadhai or deep pan in which you want to deep fry them when the oil is hot enough drop 3 to 4 crumb coated chops in the oil and deep fry them in medium flame till golden brown on both the sides, take out on an absorbent paper to drain off the excess oil.( take care not to over crowd the pan otherwise it would absorb more oil and the end result would be very oily, and fry on medium flame only to get the nice golden colour on top)

Serve immediately the crispy fried chops sprinkled with chat masala , accompanied with some onion rings, lemon wedges and dahi chutney or green chutney.

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